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18″× 6″ Inches (45 cm Width X 16 cm Height ) Geo Fabric Grow Bag


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Experience the ultimate growing solution for leafy vegetables with our Premium Geo Fabric 18×9 Grow Bag. Designed to provide excellent aeration and moisture control, this sturdy and spacious plant bag offers optimal conditions for robust growth. Whether you’re cultivating spinach, lettuce, kale, or other Herbs & Flower Plants, the Geo Fabric Grow Bag ensures healthy, nutrient-rich harvests that will delight your taste buds.

Product’s Highlights

  • Dimension: 45cm*16cm (Width*Height)
  • Color & Shape: Maroon & Round Shape
  • Thickness: 450 GSM Geo Fabric Material.
  • Water Drainage Holes:  The drainage system works well because of the porous geotextile fibre.
  • Ideal  For: Home gardening, terrace gardening, kitchen gardening, terrace poly house gardening & rooftop balcony gardening.
  • Usage: You can grow almost all kinds of Leafy vegetables, flowers, herbs, and indoor plants.
  • Stability: UV Stabilized Geo Fabric Grow Bag for longer life in hot and cold weather.
  • Durability: 6 to 7 Years & can use many times in your garden.
  • Weight: It’s Lightweight and Portable. It can be easily moved anywhere around the garden or terrace.
  • Benefits: Thick, Durable, Washable, Non-Tearable, Reusable, UV-treated, and Premium Quality. You can use it on the open terrace.
  • Plants That Can Be Grown

    • Coriander (Dhania)
    • Spinach (Paalak)
    • Mustard (Sarso)
    • Fenugreek (Methi)
    • Chenopodium album (Bathua)
    • Red Amaranth (laal bhaji)
    • Green Amaranth (Chaulai)
    • Collard Greens (Saag Khanyari)
    • Oregano
    • Mint
    • Chervil
    • Chives
    • Pothos
    • Ghost Plant
    • Petunia Flower
    • Pansy Flower
    • Vinca Flower

Note: The plants are not included in the package’s grow bag. Customers will only get grow bags in the package.